Igniting the spark of learning.

Ignite the Spark of Learning

We encourage your daughter to follow wherever her curiosity leads.

The Journey of Learning

Ellis is about the journey of learning, not worrying about report cards and grades. Performance isn't graded until fifth grade so that girls keep taking risks.

Finding Her Voice

She'll begin finding her voice by working in teams and introducing herself to the whole school. At the end of her time in the Lower School, she will be on the path to discovering the girl she is meant to be.



Integrated Learning

In lower grades, subjects blur together naturally. In Ellis' discovery units, it's common to learn about science, history, art and more—all in one multi-sensory learning experience.

Speech bubbles

Team Meetings

Every day begins with sharing. This builds a caring, connected community.

Theater masks

Breadth and Depth

Students start feeling out their interests—and developing their talents.

Cell phone

1:1 Technology

Every student has access to an iPad for exploring and sharing her learning.



STEM and arts projects interconnect so students learn in multiple subjects. Math focuses on how girls learn best: by solving real-world problems.

Skills Learned
  • Confidence
  • Learning in a community
  • Communication skills
  • Contributing to a team
  • Independent exploration
  • How to present work
  • Learning to listen to others
  • Creative problem solving

How we teach

Ellis Lower School: How We Teach