Girl Talk

A Free, Monthly Virtual Series for Parents

From January to August, Girl Talk: Conversations for Parents invites a panel of voices to explore issues and ideas related to raising school-aged daughters.

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Looking to raise a daughter who is not only armed with confidence but who steps up ready to make a positive change in the world? Tune out the noise and tune in (either live or on-demand) to Girl Talk: Conversations for Parents, a virtual series from The Ellis School. 

Girl Talk provides parents with a digital meeting space to hear from educators and experts who are versed in supporting girls to become bold, authentic, and intellectually vibrant changemakers. Gain practical skills that will make you feel more confident and engaged as a parent in this virtual series from The Ellis School.

From responsible social media use to community engagement, no topic is too big or small. These easy-to-access discussions will provide helpful resources and applicable strategies on how parents can raise girls who work collaboratively, ask questions, and pursue their dreams. 


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The Next Chapter

STEM for Changemaking: Inspiring the Next Generation

Thursday, August 19, 2021 | 6:00 p.m.

Now, it is more important than ever to engage girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to ensure the next generation of women engineers, scientists, and mathematicians are ready. Simply put, diversity helps drive innovation and diverse teams are more effective at problem-solving when different voices, viewpoints, expertise, and life experiences are brought to the table.

In STEM for Changemaking: Inspiring the Next Generation hear from a panel of successful women in a variety of STEM fields as well as educators working to close the STEM gap. Panelists will discuss why there are so few women in STEM as well as the skills, characteristics, and experiences we can offer girls as they pursue STEM studies and careers.

This panel is open to families with children of all ages but will be geared towards parents of daughters entering/currently in high school.



Tech for Good

Tech for Good: Encouraging Responsible Use in the Digital Age

 In this virtual session, panelists will offer insight into the concerns, challenges, and advantages of media literacy in our contemporary world while also addressing its impact and ways young people use tech to engage with the world around them. 

This panel is recommended for families with children of all ages.

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Change Starts Where You Are

Change Starts Where You Are: Engaging in Your Community

In this virtual session, panelists reflect on the ways they support girls of all ages in taking an active role in their community to create positive change. Learn more about why engaging in the community empowers girls and how to support your daughter’s participation as she steps up to shape the world for the better.

This panel is recommended for families with children of all ages.

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Close Connection in Distant Times

Close Connection in Distant Times: Fostering Strong Relationships

In this virtual session, you'll learn how girls can develop uniquely strong bonds that provide mentorship and support that last a lifetime. Explore why relationships are crucial and discover ways your daughter can continue to connect with her friends.

This panel is recommended for families with daughters in elementary and middle school.

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Wintertime Wonder

Wintertime Wonder: Finding Creativity and Joy in the Everyday

In this virtual session, panelists reflect on the ways parents can use art to inspire imagination at home. Learn about the important role creativity plays in all stages of child development and how you can nurture your child’s mind and body without making a special trip to the store. 

This panel is recommended for families with daughters in elementary and middle school.

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Valerie Hererro

Valerie Herrero

Community Outreach Manager, The Ellis School

Valerie is delighted to bring her dedication and experience to Ellis and is thrilled to moderate Girl Talk. She looks forward to bringing together a variety of voices and creating space for important conversations. Before joining Ellis, Valerie worked as an educator and helped create community outreach programs at several organizations in Pittsburgh. She has worked at Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh Glass Center, Assemble, The Irma Freeman Center for Imagination, and The Georgia O'Keeffe Art and Leadership Program. Her creative practice as an artist has shaped her approach to building strong and symbiotic community relationships as well as her deep respect for working with all people.