Open House Event

Tuesday, April 21, 2020, at 8:30 a.m. (grades 5 to 12)


By focusing on curiosity, collaboration, and confidence, we create a community of girls who revel in their academic passions and interests, flex their leadership muscles, share their voices, and are known and appreciated for who they are. Simply put, The Ellis School is a place where girls soar.

At this group event, families exploring Middle and Upper School will hear directly from Ellis students about their experience. They will share stories about their classes, teachers, friends, and activities, what is most important to them in their education, how they've grown as students and people, and why they think there's nothing better than an all-girls school. You will also have a chance to see the campus (did you know Ellis has three divisions, four gyms, a full-size field, half a dozen science labs, a makerspace, a clay studio, and much more—all in the heart of Pittsburgh's East End?), and get to know some of our outstanding teachers. 

Families exploring pre-kindergarten through grade 4 will chat with current parents and faculty across grades and disciplines to learn more about the powerful impact of belonging to a learning community entirely focused on girls from a young age. Families will also enjoy a comprehensive Q&A session with the Head of the Lower School, who will address everything from our curricular priorities to why Ellis is the best school in Pittsburgh for girls.

This is a great introduction to Ellis and perfect for families who are at the beginning of their get-to-know-you phase of researching school options.